My Story

I am mother and married with 3 gorgeous beautiful children. It is a full time job getting them to school and of course their sport.  My husband so much wanted me to be a stay at home mum so that they can do sport after school just like we did it. Now I am at the stage in my life wanting something more. Being a busy mum I am constantly challenged with the aromas of 3 almost teenage kids and a puppy.  It was great to have flowers but they became expensive, candles can be dangerous, reed sticks didn't last long.  In Sept 2013 a friend introduced me to Scentsy and thought what the hell buy the kit and give it a go.  I am so shocked how fragrant their wax bars are and how long the fragrance last then the warmer blew me away in safety as it uses a LED light to warm the wax.  Then I discovered the laundry range - washer whiffs - now I am in fragrance heaven. I do Scentsy as a consultant to help save costs on my increasing addiction and nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing from my customers they are starting to have one too and how safe it is for their homes and family Scentsy has also enabled me to earn “my own money”.  I enjoy travelling with my kids as a family and take them places I never experience as a child.  I have created awesome friendship through attending their conferences in the US and of course Australia. Through these amazing friendships I have received amazing support to help build my confidence and self value. I strongly believe all mothers should feel valued and never feel guilty of having "me time" - means no kids and have their "own money". I now declare “I HAVE A SCENTSY ADDICTION” and proud of it.  If you have one become a consultant like I did – you will never look back <!--endbody-->